Giant Toad
Giant Toad
skill 5
stamina 7
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Poisonous Tongue (see below)
Habitat Jungles, Lakes, Marshes, Rivers
Number Encountered 1-3
Type Amphibian
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Giant Toad may be found in many places, from the depths of the moist southern jungles to a chill pool far beneath the ground.[1] However, their most common habitat would appear to be rivers and lakes, as these are the only places that they appear on an Encounter Table for.[2]

Their range extends across all three continents. Giant Toads have been found in both the sewers of Port Blacksand[3] and Shaggradd's Hives[4] in Allansia, to an abandoned well north of Gundobad[5] in what could be Khul, to the desolate land of Lupravia in the Old World.[6]

The closest relatives of Giant Toads are Rock Toads and Spit Toads, as well as their smaller, normal Toad brethren.[7]


Giant Toad1

A Giant Toad from Shaggradd's Hives

Giant Toads are repulsive, warty beasts, about one and a half metres high when crouched on all fours, and typically coloured with mottled patches of yellow, green and brown.[1] This makes them around the size of a Pony, with huge webbed feet.[6] They are slimy, with a gaping mouth, and bulging eyes.[8]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Giant Toads have powerful hind legs that allow them to hop up to ten metres in a single bound, which can often surprise an opponent. For even greater reach, the things have an extendible tongue, up to four metres long, with which they will attack. Because of the size and strength of much of its prey, however, a Giant Toad will first disable or kill, before attempting to swallow a victim. At the end of its sticky tongue there is a poison gland which means that the Toad's blows will do 4 points of damage to a person's stamina after a successful hit has been rolled. Once its prey is dead, the Giant Toad will reel it in on its tongue and swallow it whole before moving on in search of more food.[1]

Note that this only applies to Giant Toads from Allansia, as there appears to be some minor variation among the different continental populations. For instance, Giant Toads found near Gundobad, which is potentially in Khul, are larger (skill 8 stamina 8), but lack the poisonous tongue and instead do "Large Bite" damage for every successful hit.[5]

Giant Toads from the Old World, such as Lupravia, are also large (skill 6 stamina 7), and whilst they do have a poisonous tongue, it is less effective, hitting only on the roll of a 5 or 6 on one dice for every successful hit. The rest of the time it does "Large Bite" damage.[6]

Further NotesEdit

Giant Toad2

A Giant Toad from Lupravia

  • Unlike Spit Toads, Giant Toads do not need constant contact with water, but their surroundings must be fairly moist or their skin will dry and crack.[1]
  • The Giant Toad found in Shaggradd's Hives was incubating two eggs on a nest of rotted straw. One egg was solid, with an outer shell merely disguising a solid gold Tree Goose egg worth 23 Gold Pieces. The other egg was dangerous, and would hatch into a Cockatrice if touched.[9] Whether this means that Giant Toads play some role in the life-cycle of the Cockatrice is unknown.

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