Giblet is a Goblin of Tanglewood, self-proclaimed "best Goblin scout this side of the Catfish River"[1], extraordinarily intelligent for a Goblin - being foresighted, adaptable and fluent in the Common Tongue - and well known throughout the region for his actions during the Elimite war on Kaad.


Having been captured by the Elimites on a routine scouting mission and imprisoned in the dungeons of the Elimite Monastery, he was freed by a group of adventurers sent by Gereth Yaztromo to avert the destruction of Kaad.

In return, he led them through the Icefinger Mountains and the Marshes of Kok to overtake the army of Sargon. Despite being a Goblin, he was not struck down by the power of the Staff of Ashra when Zune, the High Priest of Ekaad, tested the sincerity and pureness of the adventurers, and thereby agreed to aid them in defending the Ekaadian's original home.

Giblet also aided the group in passing through Tanglewood, though his efforts to negotiate with Stomp the Bridgekeeper unfortunately resulted in a fight breaking out. He also tutored one of the heroes in the ways of Goblin culture, enabling the defeat of Giblet's childhood nemesis King Grolik Fatnose, who had been responsible for sending him on the mission that got him captured, and thus the acquisition of the Tanglewood Goblins as allies against Sargon.

After the battle of Kaad, Giblet returned to Tanglewood with the rest of his tribe. His position now is unknown, though since the adventurer who overthrew the former King abdicated out of necessity (since one of the laws was that he had three months to take a Goblin bride and produce a son and heir)[2], it is possible that he either attempted to take over or arranged for a suitable replacement to win.

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