skill 12
stamina 12
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Very Large Claw (see below)
Habitat Caves, Dungeons
Number Encountered 1
Type Elemental
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Gigantus is a huge, carnivorous rock-like creature that dwells in deep caves and caverns, far beneath the surface of Titan. It does not appear to be either Demonic, ruling out any connection with Rock Demons, or a magical construct, such as a Stone Golem. Neither is it wholy Elemental in nature, like the fearsome Earth Elementals. Instead, it is similar to a series of earth and rock-like beings such as the Boulder Beast and Earth Demon, although it is not a surface-dweller like these.

Both its hunger for flesh and its bizarrely exposed brain point to either Chaos mutations or evolutions of some sort. As a result, the Gigantus would likely be some form of invasive creature from the Elemental Plane of Earth that has already spent quite some degree of time on Titan, to allow for these changes to occur. Whether it is an active invader or a more passive example (either through the intervention of Humans (as was the case with Boulder Beasts), or just by accidentally wandering through a portal connecting the Elemental Plane of Earth to Titan), remains open for conjecture.


At rest, the Gigantus appears as a large boulder some three metres high. When it moves however, it reveals itself as standing on thick trunk-like legs, with a rock-like body and huge muscular arms that end in massive stone fists. This fearsome beast also has a terrifying head structure and shape. Its skull is missing in parts, exposing sections of its pulsating red brain. It has many horns that grow out of the rest of its skull like spikes. Its teeth are long and sharp, its nose is flat and dripping, and its two eyes are tiny and close together.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • The Gigantus' prodigious strength causes 4 stamina points worth of damage whenever it wins an Attack Round.[1] This could be considered equivalent damage to that of a "Very Large Claw".[2]

Further NotesEdit

  • The Gigantus is a relatively long-established species on Titan, as Littlebig states the Dwarfs value their spiked horns. These horns can pierce anything, even rock.[3]
  • We know the Gigantus is a carnivore as we are told: "The GIGANTUS is delirious with hunger and is eager to rip you apart."[1]

See AlsoEdit


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