Gingrich Yurr
Gingrich Yurr
skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used bazooka, firearms[1]
Habitat Goraya Castle, Romania
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human / Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High, but utterly mad

Gingrich Yurr is the main villain in Blood of the Zombies.


In life, Gingrich Yurr was a sharp-featured man with shoulder-long hair, a piercing stare, an unusually large head, and an arrogant demeanour.[2] He had a certain passion for white rabbits and cars (particularly a 1960s' Austin Healey of light blue and cream color),[3], even going so far as to use them both as personal login data for his laptop computer.[4]


Gingrich Yurr was originally a wealthy man who lived in his family castle in the picturesque mountains of Romania. However, Yurr was an utterly insane megalomaniac with an intense dislike for humanity who sought to conquer the world ... and the most effective way he saw to achieve this goal was to create himself an army of dreadful zombies and eventually turn himself into one, to better command his forces and to set himself further apart from hated mankind. For this sinister purpose, he hired a few henchmen and unscrupulous scientists to kidnap hundreds of people and infect them with a mutated gene, transforming them all into ravening walking dead.[5]

Eventually, however, just as Yurr was ready to initiate the final stages of his apocalyptic plan, his latest prisoner managed to escape the castle's dungeons and flee back to the surface, where he stumbled upon the scheme and desperately proceeded to stop it, with the help of Yurr's American intern cook Amy Fletcher. They were too late to prevent Yurr from transforming himself into a zombie,[6], but they did manage to halt his scheme and destroy his whole zombie army. Yurr himself was dispatched by the prisoner as he was about to kill him in turn.[7]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Gingrich Yurr Zombie

Yurr as a Zombie

As a Human, Yurr had no outstanding abilities, other than a highly developed skill with firearms of any sort and driving his car at breakneck speeds.[8] As a Zombie, he retained his weapon skills, but not necessarily his skills in car handling.[9]

See AlsoEdit


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