SpecStalk Globus a
skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by Magic
Habitat the Vitreous Citadel, in the Ziggurat World
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Globus is an evil Archmage and the main villain in Spectral Stalkers.


Globus was the ruler of the Ziggurat World. In his quest for knowledge for summoning from and travelling across the Macrocosmos, he sought The Aleph, the One Sphere which could grant him access to all these secrets.[1] But his zeal in pursuing his quest eventually corrupted Globus, turning him to evil and making him seek the Aleph only to gain power over all creation.[2]

At first he started to subjugate his own world, sadistically imprisoning its denizens, including the Vaskind queen Baratcha,[3] and leaving them to the tender mercies of his Silica Serpents and Black Shadows.[4] When he finally learned where the Aleph was located, he summoned several Spectral Stalkers to retrieve it for him. Unfortunately for him, however, the Aleph had already gotten into the unwitting hands of a Titanian warrior, who was promptly caught by the Aleph's power and sent hopping all across the Macrocosmos, with the Stalkers attempting their best to remain on his trail.[5] Finally, however, the chase brought the warrior to the Ziggurat World itself,[6] just as Globus had intended from the start.[7]

SpecStalk Globus b

Globus meeting his end

In order to secure himself from his enemies in the Ziggurat World, Globus encased himself inside a magical Prism of Power.[8] As for the Spectral Stalkers, which were such alien creatures that they proved very difficult to control, he was forced to configure and weave a complex enchantment to force them into his servitude. The terms of the enchantment stated that they would only be released if they fulfilled their purpose: destroy the Bearer of the Aleph and return the Aleph to the spellweaver.[9]

By chance or deliberation, however, the warrior managed to exploit the wording of the spell by passing the Aleph to Globus just as he had recalled the Stalkers, thus making him the Bearer of the Aleph. The Spectral Stalkers fulfilled their task by easily penetrating the Prism of Power, rending Globus limb from limb and then returning the Aleph to his lifeless corpse.[10]

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