The Godswar was arguably the most cataclysmic event in the history of Titan.[1]

For untold years of the period known as the Godtime Titan's life prospered and multiplied. Under the patronage of the gods the races of Titan learnt much in the ways of wisdom and culture. However, this prosperity angered the Dark Lords who wished for the mastery of the world or its destruction. Secretly, they built up a forces loyal to themselves, through the use of sophisticated hateful whispers and lies, and through the creation of their own abominations. But this process took time, for they knew they should only challenge the Celestial Court when they were strong. But the eyes of the Court were not blind to these machinations, and they too prepared themselves and their forces for the battle to come. When the Dark Lords made their strike and cast the Deep Night across Titan, the Celestial Court mustered their forces and so began the Godswar.

The tale of the war has been told by the priests of the Old World for many years in the form of the tale of the First Battle. In so doing, the priests condensed the war into a single day of fighting so better to send the simple message to their congregations of the evil they should be wary of and avoid. To the gods, what difference is a day to a century, for time is of little relevance to them in the reckoning of their existence. However, the Godswar, we can say with some certainty, was more than a day of fighting over a single battlefield. For during that time all the cities of Giants and Humans were destroyed. The woods of the Elves were tainted and even the mountains were shaken, some to their very foundations. The sea was tainted and the sky polluted and the world was changed. The breadth and scope of the devastation was such that this "First Battle" was more akin to a first "War" - a Godswar to dwarf all other conflict that has ever beset Titan, even the Splitting of Irritaria and the Chaos Wars. How long this war lasted, no records state, although their are some beings, such as the Juja who perhaps know the answer. What can be said with some certainty though, is that the Golden Age was ended and the conflict ridden history of Titan, in which we still exist, had begun.

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