Gold Dragon
skill 18 (Adult); 16 (Young)
stamina 40 (Adult); 25 (Young)
Attacks 4
Weapon Used Very Large Claws and Breath
Habitat Desert, Mountains, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Neutral
Intelligence High

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Gold Dragons are the oldest, noblest and most powerful of the Dragon races. It is said that Kilanirax himself takes the form of a Gold Dragon when manifest as a Dragon.[1] They were the first of the Dragons to be crafted by Glantanka, as they fought in the First Battle and they are still viewed by many as the archetypal Dragon.[2]

They prefer to inhabit large towers or castles in the middle of deserts or at the top of mountains, well removed from most other creatures[3]. Whilst they are far more friendly to Humans than other Dragons, they still consider them rude and impatient, which is only by comparison to their own sedate lifestyle - the product of knowing that they will probably live for millennia.


The typical Gold Dragon will grow marginally larger than the average Dragon, and their scales are a brilliant gold. They have a pair of short horns reaching back from the rear corners of their skull, and a row of spines down their back, ending a short distance down their tail.

As with all Dragons, their wingspan is easily that of their full length, and their tongue is not forked, which is a common misconception. However, their eyes are still dangerous to look into without permission, as they can easily hypnotise a man or crush his spirit.

Special AbilitiesEdit

A Gold Dragon has fire for its breath, using it every other turn and striking up to two enemies at once with it, should they fail a Test for Luck. The fire breath of an Adult Dragon will scorch away 4 stamina points, but the breath of a Young Dragon will only cause 2 stamina damage.

The majority of Gold Dragons can speak several languages, of both humanoid and animal races, and many over the age of about seventy years will begin to use increasingly powerful spells. They are particularly fond of illusions and tricks, possibly because they prefer to cause real damage with their own claws.

Their scales are so incredibly tough that all hits against a Gold Dragon are reduced to a single point of damage.

Further NotesEdit

  • For some unexplained reason, there is intense rivalry between the Gold and Silver Dragons, though things haven't become violent for a long time.

See AlsoEdit


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