Gorak is a minor kingdom, situated between the River Dart and River Dagger - tributaries of the River Swordflow.

The kingdom was to be the gateway between the surface lands of Khul and the caverns, chasms and tunnels of the Gaddon people. Gorak has been without a monarch for many years and is being governed by the Lord Ridermark. Gorak Keep is situated in the centre of the land, just to the north of the Truffle Heights.




The Kingdom of Gorak was founded by Tancred the Magnificent after his adventures in the Dark Chasms with his brother Orghuz. The exact date of these events is unknown, and the evidence we have appears to be contradictory. Although we learn that Tancred's line of descendants is believed to have ended "many ages ago",[1] the Gaddon warrior Gregory states that his great-great grandfather was a contemporary of Tancred's.[2] Assuming a typical human generation of 25 years, this would place Tancred's adventures in the Dark Chasms some 100-125 years before the events described in Chasms of Malice, which would hardly count as "many ages ago". Either Gregory is wrong, or the Gaddon have rather extended lifespans compared with Toplanders. That the Gaddon have been in the Chasms long enough to have begun giving birth to blind children suggests that Gregory is indeed wrong.[3]

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