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Gornt is a walled town which lies south of Royal Lendle in Gallantaria.[1]

Five years after the War of the Four Kingdoms, Gornt erupted into violence, with husband fighting wife, brother fighting brother and the Town Militia divided.[2] This terrible orgy of madness began after a seven day visit to the town by the sham Circus of Dreams, a cover for the abominable Mandrakes, who were secretly taking over Gornt.[3] Among their victims was the town's Burgomeister, Ennian.[4]

The violence in Gornt was brought to an end by a massive explosion which turned the town into an inferno. It is rumoured that this destruction was caused by Korin, a woman of the town, who rigged Gornt with explosive powder and blew the whole town to pieces in a suicidal bid to cleanse the town of the evil Mandrakes.[5]

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