Great Ape
skill 8
stamina 11
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Fist
Habitat Caves, Forests, Hills, Jungles, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Animal
Reaction Unfriendly-Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Found in many places across Titan, Great Apes tend to make their homes in heavily wooded areas or near to caves where they can take shelter from the elements, daily shambling or swinging out from their lairs in search of food. It is safe to assume they were created by an Animal God who was responsible for or related to the deity who did create Monkeys and other primates.[1]


Great Apes look very much like huge hairy Gorillas, about two and a half metres tall and almost as broad[2]. They are incredibly strong and aggressive, being unintelligent brutes with little to mark them out from other such beasts.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Great Apes have no special abilities.

Further NotesEdit

See AlsoEdit


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