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The Great Boar of Lein[1]

In the towns and villages around the Forest of Lein in Ruddlestone, there are a number of legends concerning the Great Boar of Lein, a huge and terrible Wild Boar.

The name of The Bristling Boar inn in Wendeford refers to just such a legend in this part of Ruddlestone. It is said in Wendeford that "years ago the surrounding hamlets and farmsteads were terrorized by a monstrous wild boar which lived within the borders of the Forest of Lein. Eventually it was tracked down by Felder the Hunter and his pack of legendary hounds, was trapped in a staked pit and slain."[2] It may well be this episode which is celebrated in a tapestry in the nearby Cleeve Manor: the tapestry, which "covers half of one wall and shows a man with a pack of hounds fighting a huge wild boar", "depicts part of the legend of the Great Boar of Lein, when the monster was finally caught and killed by a brave hunter".[3]

More recently, in the 280s AC, a huge Wild Boar from the forest, also referred to as the Great Boar of Lein, terrorised the tenants of Cleeve Manor.[4] The boar was described as being "at least three metres long from snout to tail", it was "covered in short, dark hair, with darker bands along its back", and it had "huge yellow tusks and sharp teeth".[1] Although the best soldiers of Lord Varen of Cleeve Manor tried to kill it, they failed, leading some to suggest that the beast was enchanted and could not be slain.[4] That this was not so was proven when this incarnation of the Great Boar of Lein (skill: 8 stamina: 8) was slain by a Templar Knight,[1] and the people of Cleeve Manor were able to live without fear again.[5]

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