Great Demon
skill 11
stamina 18
Attacks  ???
Weapon Used Claws, Teeth
Habitat The Pit
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence  ???

A Great Demon is a large, unclassified type of Pit Demon.

It was seen heaving itself up from an infernal fissure rent in the earth.[1] The Demon appeared as a huge humanoid, its fingers ending in sharp talons and its mouth, capable of totally devouring a Human,[2] was lined with long, pointed teeth. Its eyes were a malefic red and its skin appears to have a green tint with veins bulging beneath it in places.[3]

Despite its imposing physical stature, the demon could be repelled by Holy Circles[4] and bested in combat by a skilled fighter.[5] However, the creature did possess powers beyond mere physical strength, as it could in fact teleport, at least across short distances.[6]

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