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The Great War against Evil was the Khulian element of the Chaos Wars.[1]

The first engagement came in southern Khul in the spring of 1998OT (in Sowing/Heaven's Weeping) as Skies in Darkness turned to Land's Awakening. But the skies did not light in Zagoula. An unnatural sandstorm blew in from Scythera Desert darkening the skies and bringing with it a plague of Locusts and Snakes. On the 23rd day of the storm the Forces of Chaos came into the city, Chaos Spawn from the Dead City leading Orcs and Trolls, and the city was sacked. The Forces continued to destroy the southern lands and then split.

One army began sweeping north east destroying the fertile lands with fire arriving at Kabesh meeting up with another smaller force of Goblins and Orcs from the northern plains. The city was besieged and a breakaway force headed north-east to Arion. The second arm of the original army headed for Shakista around the eastern side of the Cloudhigh Mountains not wanting to brave the jungles of what is now southern Transoxalia. They made for Anvil Pass but were halted by a Klarashian force which had responded to messages from Zagoula. This army held back the forces of Evil for five days but retreated back through the pass to a defensive position near the capital, where reinforcements arrived from the coastal land.

Meanwhile the force headed for Arion was met and ambushed by the army of Brendan Bloodaxe of Arion, which had hidden in the Old Forest near Corda before sweeping round in a pincer movement which caught the evil armies by surprise. Many died that day but it was won by Bloodaxe.

Having burnt the corpses, at first light they set out for Kabesh. However, only smoking ruins remained when they arrived. The evil army had left the site for Shakista to reinforce their beleaguered army. Bloodaxe raced across the now ash wastes and fell on them from behind just as they reached the edges of the Battle for Shakista. The Humans had held back the invaders for eleven days and were finally winning against them. Arion's army cut off any hope for a retreat and the army was destroyed. Nine more days of fighting ensued, but the Chaos army was destroyed. Unfortunately Shakista also suffered and had to be abandoned and demolished.

The cost of the war was dear. The Orcs and Goblins were finished as a considerable force for several hundred years and many fine human cities had been lost. Worst of all the Wastes of Chaos had been born.

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