The Great Wizard of Analand is one of the foremost Grand Wizards of the Old World and chief advisor to the monarch of Analand.

The present Great Wizard of Analand was elevated to that position in 284AC following the death of his predecessor, who had held the position for over a century. The previous incumbent was killed by an Astral Slayer, a Demon of great power sent by Shanzikuul to steal the Staff of Rulership which was in the keeping of the Great Wizard. This Staff was the most powerful of the ancient Staves of Power. It had been entrusted to the Great Wizard of Analand to keep it hidden until such time as it could be destroyed, such was the respect for that individual and for his level of magical lore and skill. Thankfully, before Shanzikuul was able to fully use the Staff's potential, he was killed by a hero, and the Staff was returned to the Old World. It is not known if the present Great Wizard of Analand still holds the Staff of Rulership. The present Great Wizard is well respected but does not hold the same elevated position of authority within the Grand Wizards of the Old World.

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