Gregory the Axeman is a huge bearded, strong Gaddon, famed for his two-headed axe.[1]

Gregory was the companion of the guardian of the Tree of Life, following on a tradition handed down through the generations of his family. An axe may seem a strange weapon to carry when Gregory was so intimately involved in the preservation of the Tree. However, the Tree's vigorous roots are dangerous to unsuspecting visitors to the Tree, and could quickly entwine a man. Gregory's axe therefore was employed on these occasions to free unsuspecting visitors from the trees roots. This does the Tree little harm, because it simply regenerates, with only Evil being its true enemy.

Gregory was proud of his ancestry, which dating back four generations, could be connected to Tancred through comradeship in arms. This may seem incredible, given that Tancred the Magnificent lived almost eight centuries before. However, Gregory's family had the gift of increased life span due to their involvement with the tree, each living for over two centuries. Gregory was the son of Baldwin, son of Edwin, son of Eleanor, daughter of Dermott the Freeman, whose cousin Kevin Knucklesnap fought with Tancred at the Dark Chasms.

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