skill Unknown
stamina Unknown
Attacks Unknown
Weapon Used Small Claw or weapon (garrote)
Habitat Anywhere their master is, maybe magical planes
Number Encountered 1
Type Magical Creature
Reaction Friendly-Neutral
Intelligence High (see below)

A Grelfin is an magical creature used as familiar in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.


Grelfins are small furry blue-grey creatures of the size of a human arm, with an elongated head and a mane. They stand on two legs ending with hoof. Their fingers are knotty and agile, and may do complex and powerfull actions, like using a garrote to strangle a humanoid.[1]

Origins and distributionEdit

Grelfins are little magical familiar, usually seen with their magical praticionner masters. It is unknow if Grelfins are magicaly created beings (like Homunculus), creatures summoned from an other plane (like Imps) or if they may live as independant creature (like cats). The only Grelfin appearing in Fighting Fantasy canon is the familiar of the wizzard Jallarial in the Zagor Chronicles novels. However, an unamed creature appearing in an illustration of Casket of Souls [2] look like a Grelfin, and may be a Grelfin itself. Except these two appearances in Amarillia, there is no other mention of Grelfin, and it is unknown if a Grelfin may be created or summoned in Titan.

Special abilitiesEdit

Grelfins are familiar, and are bounded magically to their masters. This bond allows telepathic communications, fellings sharing, and may even kill the grelfin instead of its master. Grelfin are skilled with their hands and may fight humanoids using a garrote. They may turn invisible for a few time too.[3]


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