Grimslade's Demon
skill 16
stamina 12
Weapon Used Teeth, Claws
Habitat Encountered in Grimslade's Tower
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile

Grimslade's Demon was an unknown kind of Demon summoned and commanded by the dark sorcerer, Grimslade.

The Demon is depicted as having a single horn on the top of its head and bulging eyes protruding above large, fang-like teeth. It is also described as being covered in "green, bristly fur", and its skin is rough and uneven with warts. It apparently has an unwholesome appetite for Human flesh.[1]

Aside from its unique appearance, Grimslade's Demon is particularly notable for its exceptionally high skill stat, which exceeds even that of the Snake and Night Demons.

The gamebook Scorpion Swamp is where the Demon makes its only appearance. Being only the eighth gamebook in the original Puffin range, it's likely that the taxonomy of Demons which later grew out of the series and the Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World book was simply not developed, and Grimslade's Demon was intended merely as a generic demonic creature summoned by an evil wizard. In game terms Grimslade's Demon was probably also a way of punishing the player, who had to make some rather lamentable errors in judgement in order to face the creature.

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  1. Scorpion Swamp - 222 (illustrated)

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