Grognag Clawtooth
FF24 Grognag
skill 6[1]
stamina 6[2]
Weapon Used by weapon
Habitat village of Coven
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Humanoid (Half-Orc)
Reaction Friendly
Intelligence Average-High

Grognag Clawtooth, or simply Grog, is an ally in Creature of Havoc.


Grognag was a Half-Orc living in the vicinity of the village of Coven in Allansia. On day, Grog got into an argument with a Human denizen of the village named Rog after he had eaten the villager's dog (while it was still alive).[3] Rog prepared to pound Grog to death with his fists, but a strange mutant beast intervened in the argument and defeated Rog, whereupon Grog teamed up with his rescuer and the two feld the village.[4]

It is possible that Grog was originally set to work in the Yellowstone Mines, which were linked to Zharradan Marr's underground dungeons, and subsequently escaped. Somehow, Grog had along the way located one of the Vapours - the Vapour of Life - of the Elven village of Stittle Woad hidden inside the dungeons and taken it into his possession.[5] When he died protecting his new friend from a band of territorial Toadmen the Vapour of Life passed on to his friend, who subsequently defeated Marr.[6]

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