Grudthak was the Ogre leader of Xortan Throg's army.

Overall, the army was simply a Goblin horde led by a band of Orcs. Grudthak is believed to have led an Orcish mercenary band which Throg hired, so may have had exploits before his his time with Throg. Throg was, as a general, very intelligent, superior to the Orcs and Goblins in mental ability, however he was also extremely old and unfit, meaning that despite appearing monstrous, he was not as deadly as would be believed. Grudthak led the Goblin attack on Princess Sarissa's entourage during her abduction. Grudthak was probably the closest thing Throg had to a friend. He was slain by the adventurers attempting to rescue Sarissa, but only after a long and challenging battle. What deeds Grudthak committed prior to his meeting with Throg are unknown, however he is believed to have aided a Hill Troll attack on Stonebridge in return for the spoils of war.

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