Gwarthran was a Khulian priestess within the church of Kilanirax many hundreds of years ago in the area now known as Zamarra.

It appears that she attempted to create a unification of Dragons and Men. It is thought that from these experiments sprang Lizardine and Dragonmen. An ancient scroll says the following:

Were the lessons of the tale of Gwarthran not learnt. That her obsession with the unification of the two races was borne of her devotion to Kilanirax cannot be denied. But the results of her obsession led to Gwarthran and her followers being shunned by both the world of men and of dragons, condemning them to a loveless existence, save if they loved themselves. Never again should the disciples try to master their Master's work.[1]

It seems then that Gwarthran included herself within these experiments.

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