Halak is a townport situated on the west coast of the continent of Allansia, on a mountain on the southern side of the Bay of Elkor, in front of its "twin" townport, Rimon, which is on a mountain on the northern side of the Bay of Elkor. [1]

Perched precariously on the sharply sloping sides of twin mountain peaks, both Halak and Rimon are ramshackle mazes of fortified citadels, houses, and temples, linked by a tortuously twisted spider’s web of stairs and alleys. Halak and Rimon are the towns where pirate crews congregate beween raids, in search of their own highly individual styles of entertainment. [2]

Sultan's Gate is the east-facing gate. [3] Just south of the harbor, the streets are especially narrow and mazy. On Healer's Lane there is a blockhouse with city Guards and Asteren Alley is nearby. [4] Goose Wall / Goose Lane is another nearby place of Halak. [5]

The Merchant Council pays three lamplighters to keep a network of lanterns refilled, maintained and lit during the nights. The lanterns hung from poles, walls and roof eaves throughout most of the town. Everybody knows the lamplighters and therefore they don't bother them. [6]

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