A Half-Giant normally refer to the cross between Giants and men.[1]

Indeed there is little or no evidence to suggest that the term has ever referred to any other cross with a Giant. As can be deduced, such cross breeding is rare. However, in north-east Khul, although most definitely not common, there has been recorded a number of Half-Giants. These seem to hail from around the Corda area. It seems that they are not necessarily first generation Half-Giant (first generation meaning that one parent was Human the other parent Giant). Rather, that many decades ago there was an influx of Giant blood into certain parts of Corda society. That led to the emergence of a first generation of Half-Giant individuals. Being shunned by both Humans and Giants alike, they gravitated toward one another forming their own community and mated with one another giving rise to a second generation of Half-Giants and so on and so forth. Indeed, one of the Corda city districts is known as the "Half-Giant Quarter".

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