Hallan Wardalus is a famed prophet of Allansia and had a son, Helios Wardalus, from the sorceress Volee Hanu.[1]


Originally a citizen of Salamonis, Wardalus had been the king’s most trusted sage and advisor. His prophecies and warnings were legendary and are said to have had a defining role in maintaining the peace and prosperity of the kingdom. It was Wardalus who warned of the coming Strongarm Uprising, which was in the end defused. His Amonour was one of the highest in the kingdom.[2]

Visit to DreeEdit

Although wise, Wardalus was curious and this compulsion was the stronger of the two. He wished to know more of the ways of the witch-women of Dree. There, he met Rosina and never returned to Salamonis. He was presumed dead. However, his continued existence was known to the Hag-Witches of Dree who imparted it to Chadda Darkmane when he was nineteen years old, in search of increasing his Amonour. It was they who told him of his whereabouts.[2]

Wardalus and DarkmaneEdit

Wardalus wished to live as a recluse, and upon meeting Chadda Darkmane wished to have nothing to do with him. However, by chance he fell and was caught by the arm by Darkmane and in that instant energy flowed between the two men, likened to a materialization of pure destiny by Wardalus. The two men became close and Wardalus imparted much of his teachings on Darkmane in the weeks that followed. He explained that he wished to be remembered as a great prophet and that after visiting Dree he knew that his powers were waning, hence his choice to become a recluse.[2]

Rumours of His deathEdit

It is not known if he still lives for he was old and dying when Darkmane left his dwelling many years ago and in Salamonis he is considered "disappeared".[3] However, Darkmane spoke of him in the present tense during The Trolltooth Wars.[2]

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