Hamakei are ancient beings with Vulture-like heads, though the rest of their physical form is humanoid.[1]

They are scholarly and very powerful sorcerers with the wisdom of centuries hidden underneath a shallow veneer of doddering forgetfulness or even senility, though they will immediately revert to their natural cunning selves should any mention of ancient or secret knowledge crop up. They tend to dwell in isolated towers or keeps within deserts and mountains, hiding away from the world that they might better study whatever texts and artefacts of forgotten realms and races they possess.

These remnants of a far more sorcerous age rarely venture out from their homes, except when doing so creates an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, which they lust after in the manner of Dwarfs after gold. Though old and frail, no Hamakei is to be taken lightly, for the staves they support themselves with are no mere props for their frame, but containers of powerful defensive spells that will be used to terrible effect against any aggressor.

One notable Hamakei is Vulpa Heartsfire, who assisted Gereth Yaztromo in the banishing of the servants of Rivel and the sealing of this same Demon within the Phoenix Finger. It was also he who worked with Chadda Darkmane to ensure the final defeat of this great Evil when it was about to be released once more, even though by this time he was totally blind - when in a dream induced by Rivel attempting to corrupt him, the Hamakei refused to look upon his secret desires and tore his eyes out. When Vulpa awoke, though he possessed the physical orbs from which he had once seen, they were now of no use in the traditional sense.

The Elves name the Hamakei race Vethilia.

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