Hannicus is a Neutral wizard who was recently in the service of Zharradan Marr, in charge of keeping the Yellowstone Mines productive and free of intruders.[1]

Fortunately for him, he kept them productive, but his incompetence led to a number of break-ins by adventurers seeking fame and fortune, which damaged Marr's reputation and made him very angry.

He was replaced by Darramouss, who, rather than kill him as commanded by Marr, instead cursed him with blindness and imprisoned him for his own personal enjoyment - needless to say, this wilful act of cruelty went unpunished by Marr. Were it not for his blindness, Hannicus would take revenge on Darramouss for this, having in his possession the Ring of Holy Blessing, which contains holy fumes capable of delivering the undead half-Elf back into the hands of Death.

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