The Harbour Bridge is "the only crossing of the Jabaji", connecting the northern and southern halves of the city of Kharé in Kakhabad.[1]

This single span can just about be made out in the illustration below left.

Khare view1

A view of Kharé from the south.[2]

The harbour area of Kharé is illustrated in beautiful detail on the inside front cover of Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World (a part of which is reproduced, below right). The Wayfarer's Rest is on the south side of the Jabaji River, as you stay there at the end of the first day in the city and then cross the bridge the next morning,[1] so the picture from Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World must be the view looking west, or, alternatively, looking south from the north shore. It might be supposed that the illustration shows the Harbour Bridge as a multi-tiered structure near The Wayfarer's Rest, but there are problems with this interpretation:

Khare bridge

The Harbour Bridge area[3]

Firstly, the lowest tier of the bridge hardly looks high enough to let anything except the smallest rowing boats under it – surely the only bridge across the Jabaji wouldn't be constructed to obstruct river traffic between Lake Lumlé and the Earth End Coastline. If the bridge in the forefront of the picture is the Harbour Bridge, tall-masted ships would not be able to pass beneath it, although certain means may have been devised for lowering the rigging of a vessel to pass beneath such arches. See, for example, the tall ship in the fore-ground to the right - unless it is moored or anchored, it is going to crash into the bridge, losing its mast in the process.

Secondly, the bridge looks too small to be the great Harbour Bridge, the only crossing of the Jabaji.

Thirdly, the picture in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World appears to show a boat or barge at the right-hand edge where the bridge should be joining the northern shore, which shouldn't be possible if this is the Harbour Bridge.

These problems perhaps suggest that the picture from Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World should be interpreted in another way: that the view is from the north (or maybe the north-east), and the bridge shown isn't the Harbour Bridge, but a smaller bridge which straddles a smaller river or canal leading into the heart of the city, not the Jabaji River. There is a hint of a larger structure, just above the boat/barge on the right-hand edge of the picture, which may be the Harbour Bridge – it certainly looks big enough to be the single crossing of the Jabaji River. That would put The Wayfarer's Rest near the bridge, but suggests that the geography of central Kharé might be more complex than indicated in the text.

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