skill 7
stamina 6
Weapon Used Human fist or by weapon
Habitat Forests, Jungles
Number Encountered 1-6 or 3-18
Type Humans
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

Headhunters are a type of Human encountered in the Fighting Fantasy world.


Headhunters are primitive Humans living in isolated wild areas, mostly jungles, though some tribes have been encountered in more temperate areas such as the Old World's Shamutanti Hills. Their culture is extremely war-like, and as cannibals they are extremely hostile to other human races, particularly Pygmies, who share the same habitats. Their collective name comes from their custom to cure and boil the heads of their slain enemies until they have been shrunk to an extremely small size, which then serve as their personal war trophies.

Headhunters live in tribal communities, each ruled by a chieftain and/or a shaman. They adorn their faces with fierce war paint when on the hunt, and use stone-headed spears, stone clubs, and knives made out of stone or bone as weapons. Some, like the Shamutanti Hill tribes, may use blowpipes and poisoned darts to bring down troublesome prey, much in the fashion of their arch-enemies, the Pygmies.

Special AbilitiesEdit

As Humans, Headhunters usually have no innate special abilities, though their shamans may wield their own variations of magic spells. Headhunter warriors are particularly superstitious and may flee any flashy display of magic unless halted by their leaders.

Further NotesEdit

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
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