Shamutanti headhunters1

Headhunters of the Shamutanti Hills[1]

The Headhunters of the Shamutanti Hills are a population of small, black-skinned Humans who live in the hills of southern Kakhabad.[2] They do not suffer other humanoids to enter their territory upon pain of death, and they place the severed heads of their victims on poles at the edges of their territory as warnings to others not to enter.[3] Those who do enter rarely return, for it is rumoured that if you do not fall foul of their pit-traps and stake-traps you will either be killed by poison darts from their blowpipes or captured and cooked alive![4]

The Headhunter Village in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, the Headhunter village has a population of 35, including 6 children and 9 women. The Medicine Man of the tribe, named Wattoo Gootoo, is the leader.[5]

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