skill 7
stamina 6
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Bite
Habitat Dungeons, Ruins, The Demonic Planes
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

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Origins and DistributionEdit

Many Demon Princes like to keep pets. Sith, a noxious Snake Demon, has a python twenty metres long and a metre thick. Some of the more sophisticated Princes, however, keep a pack of Hellhounds.[1] They are usually confined to the Demonic Planes, but are occasionally summoned to the Earthly Plane by skilled sorcerers, and used as especially powerful guard Dogs.[2]

Their origins are unknown, although it is possible that they are the product of early interbreeding between some kind of Demon and canines.[3] Certainly they are prized by the Demon Princes and used as the hounds on the Wild Hunt.


Hellhounds are huge, midnight-black Dogs about the size of a Wolf. They have black tongues and teeth, brilliant red eyes and a very short temper, which makes them savage and violent, and thus wonderful pets for the Demon Princes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Hellhounds have exceptionally keen senses, particularly of smell, enough for them "to sniff out living beings from the smell of fresh blood pumping in their veins".[4] However, they are better known for their ability to breathe fire - in addition to their usual attack, each round their flames will singe an opponent for 1 stamina damage on the roll of 1 or 2 on one die. They are so skilled that they can even breathe fire at an opponent other than the one they are clawing at.

Further NotesEdit

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