Other Related Book
Publication Details
Author(s) David Fickling & Perry Hinton
Illustrator Nik Spender
Publisher Puffin
Other Details
First published 1986
ISBN ISBN 0-14-032136-5
Previous Book The Tasks of Tantalon
Next Book Ten Doors of Doom

Helmquest was the fourth of Puffin Books' five Fantasy Questbooks, not all of which were related to Fighting Fantasy.

Fighting Fantasy ElementsEdit

As mentioned, there were five Fantasy Questbooks in total. Only one of these formed part of Fighting Fantasy canon, that being The Tasks of Tantalon. Helmquest itself is not strictly a Fighting Fantasy book. However, it is the only other Questbook, aside from The Tasks of Tantalon, that is related in that it contained the fifth of the five Fighting Fantasy Bookmarks released in 1986 as part of the F.F. Bookmarks Competition.

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