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Herbs of Titan is a list of every herb to be found in the Fighting Fantasy universe of Titan.


  • The name of the plant goes under the Species heading.
  • The type of plant (tree/shrub/herb/flower/root/leaf/fruit/nut/fungi/creature/etc) goes under the Type heading.
  • The environment in which the plant can naturally grow (if known) goes under the Habitat heading.
  • The region/continent/etc where the plant was found goes under the Found heading.
  • The book in which this instance of the plant is found goes under the Book heading.
  • The paragraphs in which the plant is mentioned go under the Paragraphs heading.
  • If the plant is a living creature with skill and stamina, these values go under the skill and stamina headings.

Each species will also link to a separate article containing full details of the plant. Please add new species whenever you find them and fill in the details below. Plants are listed in alphabetical order to aid clarity.

Species Type Habitat Found Book Paragraphs skill stamina
Black Lotus Herb Aquatic Vymorna Battleblade Warrior 280 n/a n/a

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