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The Hero of Howl of the Werewolf was an experienced sword-for-hire who ventured into Mauristatia after growing weary of the comfortable security of the plains of Femphrey and Lendleland. Caught on the road after nightfall near the border of Lupravia, the hero was attacked by a wolf pack[1] and became infected with Lycanthropy after being bitten by a werewolf.[2]

The hero discovered that the werewolf's bloodline began when the revived Cadre Infernal performed a ritual resulting in Count Varcolac being possessed by a Wolf Demon.[3] The hero eventually killed the count and destroyed the Wolf Demon, freeing both Lupravia and the hero him- or herself from the curse of lycanthropy.[4]

It is possible that the hero took part in other books, either before or afterwards.

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