Spoiler Warning!!!: Plot and/or ending details of a Fighting Fantasy publication follow. Please DO NOT read this article if you do not want foreknowledge of this publication. Although the article below is based on canon, some of its content is considered extrapolation because it assumes a certain course of events through an adventure that has many possible routes. Finally, the use of "Hero" and other male- gender expressions pertaining to the subject in the article and/or title of the article is not intended to exclude the possibility that the hero was female.


The Hero of Portal of Evil was a skilled and hardy warrior who was down on his or her luck[1] and travelled to the Cloudhigh Mountains in response to a message pleading for one of Khul's renowned warriors to investigate mysterious occurrences around Kleinkastel.[2]

The hero eventually discovered that an ancient Portal to another world was responsible and destroyed it, receiving a chest of gems and a good pack-horse as a reward.[3]

It is possible that the hero took part in other books, either before or afterwards.

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