Spoiler Warning!!!: Plot and/or ending details of a Fighting Fantasy publication follow. Please DO NOT read this article if you do not want foreknowledge of this publication. Although the article below is based on canon, some of its content is considered extrapolation because it assumes a certain course of events through an adventure that has many possible routes. Finally, the use of "Hero" and other male- gender expressions pertaining to the subject in the article and/or title of the article is not intended to exclude the possibility that the hero was female.


The Hero of Spectral Stalkers was a Khulian warrior returning to his home city of Neuberg.[1]

He was chosen as a result of a chance, when the previous Bearer of the Aleph, a mortally wounded Mercurial, appeared in his world and passed it onto him just before it died, along with an unfinished message about one "Archmage Globus" and the Spectral Stalkers.

Using the Aleph, the Bearer travelled to the Library in Limbo, where he was directed to Wayland, the Artefacts Specialist. Wayland suggested that the Archmage Globus might be the one to take responsibility for it, but to be on the lookout for the Spectral Stalkers. From here, in an attempt to return the Aleph to Globus, the Bearer travelled through many other worlds and times, including:

Upon reaching the Ziggurat World and learning of the plight of the Wood Elf, Vaskind and Mantir peoples - which Semeion had hinted at when he informed the Bearer that it was Globus who had summoned the Spectral Stalkers to hunt down the Bearer and bring the Aleph to him - the Bearer immediately began the journey to the Crystal Gardens and Vitreous Citadel of Globus, managing to free the imprisoned Vaskind queen, Baratcha, as he did so.

Upon entering the throne room of the citadel, a powerful magical light froze the Bearer where he stood, seeking to crush him and thereby end his menace to Globus. However, Baratcha stepped in front of the Bearer and it was her life that was forfeit, allowing the Bearer to continue onwards to face Globus himself within his Prism of Power, through which almost nothing could pass unless it was moving slowly or exceptionally powerful in magical terms.

When Globus demanded the Aleph and was refused, he summoned the Spectral Stalkers to him, his spell ordering them to destroy the Bearer of the Aleph, who promptly slipped it through the Prism and relinquished control of it to the Archmage. Immediately, the Spectral Stalkers broke through the Prism and destroyed their former master.

Victorious at long last, the Bearer returned to the lowest level of the Ziggurat World and celebrated with the other inhabitants of this world for many days before returning to Khul, laden with jewels and other valuables. However, the Aleph was not among his possessions, which he believed was for the best; for the Aleph's power to keep from corrupting a single owner, it should always be lost among the myriad worlds of the Macrocosmos.

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