Hiang-Kiang River, also the "Fragrant Water", is the name also given to this powerful servant of Aqualis.[1]

It rolls through Hachiman, fed from the Western Shios'ii as well as from the many rivers running down from the Northern Shios'ii and its many tributaries flowing from the northern long hills through the Spider Fens. The river passes through the Forest of Shadows and as it passes the Black Elk Plateau to the south comes across a giant cliff. There, with the force of Hydana himself, it thunders over the top of the cliff and down the Glittering Falls at the base of which it forged long ago a cavern underneath the Long Hills that would block its path. But the Hiang-Kiang is not so easily stemmed, and here the Caves of the Fragrant Jewels have been formed through which it flows until bursting through on the eastern side of the Hills and thence on down to the Black Ocean in the east.

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