Holy Man
Gender Male

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The Holy Man is, as his title suggests, a votary of Slangg, the god of Malice.

He is an older man, grey-haired in white robes, and can often be found in a chapel in Kharé, addressing the crowd and administering the test of Slangg.[1] As one of Kharé's leading citizens, he is privy to a single line of the incantation necessary to unlock the North Gate of Kharé.

The man's title is invariably how is known, as he has never revealed to anyone his true name.[2] He sometimes knows surprising information about others though, and may have powers of clairvoyance. [3]

Appearance in the GamebookEdit

The Holy Man of Slangg appears in Kharé - Cityport of Traps. While progressing through the city of Kharé, the player must meet four of Kharé's leading citizens, each of them holding one line of the spell necessary to unlock the North Gate and reach the Baklands. In total there are four lines to the spell,[4] and the Holy Man of Slangg has one of them.[5] To acquire it from him, the player must undergo the test of Slangg.

The test of Slangg consists of a simple math puzzle. If he solves it successfully, the participant is granted one wish. If he cannot he must renounce his own god completely and worship Slangg instead. Knowledge of math is seemingly rare in Kharé,[6] so presumably only a few have solved the puzzle successfully.

In game terms, if the player fails the test he must renounce Libra, and can never call on her aid again. He also loses 2 luck points.[7]

Passing the Test of SlanggEdit

In Bigfoot's family there are 6 sons. Bigfoot is nearing the end of his life and he wishes to divide his wealth exactly among his sons. He gives 5 Gold Pieces to his second youngest son, 13 Gold Pieces to his eldest and 9 to the fourth youngest. Do you know how much the other sons received and how many Gold Pieces he possessed in all?[8]

The answer is worked out by ordering the sons according to their age and noting how much each received. The puzzle then emerges as a simple number sequence.

From left to right, eldest to youngest, it looks like this:

13, x, 9, x, 5, x

The clue is finding the numbers that are midway between 5 and 9, and 9 and 13. Given that there is a difference of 4 between the two numbers in these pairs, the numbers that are midway would be 2 more than the lower number of the pair, and 2 less than the higher. So, the missing numbers are 7 and 11, and we have found the logic of the sequence - increments of 2. Therefore the final missing number is 3, as it is 2 less than 5.

Adding all the numbers together we get 48, and turning to that reference proves this to be the correct answer. The player is then rewarded with the spell line "I bid you, portals, open wide." and also restores his luck to its Initial level.[9]

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