skill 8
stamina 5
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Small Claw or weapon (see below)
Habitat Anywhere their master is
Number Encountered 1
Type Magical Creature/Construct
Reaction Neutral-Unfriendly
Intelligence High (see below)

A Homunculus is an artificially created creature in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.


A Homunculus appears like a small humanoid, about 1' - 2' in height, with an imp-like appearance and green skin,[1] a large head and long forearms.[2] Homunculi usually sport bat-like wings on their backs, giving them extra mobility (see Special Abilities). Homunculi are also intelligent and able to speak at least the Common language and - conceivably - any language known to their masters.[3]

Origins and DistributionEdit

Homunculi are created by practicioners of the obscure sciences, whether they may be Magicians[4] or Alchemists.[5] While the creation process is not outlined in Fighting Fantasy, folklore - and fiction - usually list as key materials a Mandrake root, several chemical substances, and in some cases even blood. However they are created, they serve as familiars and guardians to their master, testing - and even attacking - unwelcome or unknown visitors at their behest.[6][7]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Homunculi are usually created with wings, enabling them to fly. This occasionally allows them to outmaneuver their opponents, bestowing a 1 skill point penalty to their attack rolls.[8]

Homunculi usually fight with their claws and teeth,[9] although some may use any mystical or mundane weapons provided by their masters. Of course, these must be created specifically to match their own size.[10]

See AlsoEdit


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