Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Hornhelm was a renowned warrior of Gallantaria, known as the "Champion of Forrin"[1] and the "Man of Bronze".[1] He was killed during the War of the Four Kingdoms.[1]

Before the WarEdit

From what we know of Hornhelm, he was from Forrin, situated between the Whitewater River and River Greenberg. He married Serendra. Prior to the War of the Four Kingdoms he had already become a legend.[2] His acts of valour during the war only augmented his reputation. He was famed as a fearless warrior who had bowed neither to beast nor magic-user. It is said that perhaps only the mighty Hornhelm would have confronted this creature known as the Brimstone Dragon had he lived beyond the war.[1]

War of the Four KingdomsEdit

During the war he was known as a gallant commander and performed many acts of courage, earning him the epithet, the "Man of Bronze". His many successful encounters with the enemies of Gallantaria had often resulted in the plundering of their riches which he had brought back to Forrin. In a terrible day for the people of Forrin, and Gallantaria as a whole, Hornhelm lost his life at the Battle of Skynn, although his bravery had won the day. A tavern is named after this battle in Royal Lendle.[3] The loss of his presence in the kingdom and at court was felt keenly be all, not least by Tantalon himeslf, who had planned to award a posthumous knighthood to honour Hornhelm and his widow.[1] It seems that his Horse died with him on the battlefield, for the ghost of both of them is said to wander Windswept Moor.



Hornhelm's Ghost

Hornhelm feared that an invasion may result in his treasure being stolen and so he buried it, along with the fabled Golden Cross which was part of his crown. The treasure was buried on Windswept Moor. He died before he told anyone else of its location. However, he did leave his wife, Serenda, a scroll bearing a map and a message at the end of which Hornhelm made the following clear:

The Spirit of Hornhelm will haunt forever those who dig for selfish gain. Whatever is to be found belongs rightfully to the people of Forrin.[2]

This was used by Tantalon's champion to locate the treasure which in turn was returned to the people of Forrin.


Hornhelm is most often depicted as a tall blonde man wearing plate armour, sporting a golden cape. He is strongly associated with his trusty white charger, and this horse would be draped in his colours, being midnight blue with white stripes.[4][2]


It seems that Gallantaria's greatest warrior was ironically not a knight in his lifetime because it was only after the war, and indeed Hornhelm's death, that Tantalon resolved to award a posthumous knighthood to honour Hornhelm and his widow.[1]

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