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The House of Wulfen ruled over Lupravia for many years, having ousted the original Vampire aristocracy from its seat there.[1]

Descended from a tribe of barbarian berserkers, led by the mighty Dragomir Wulfen, the name of the House became synonymous with that of righteous power, until tales of cruelty and madness spawned by inbreeding began to circulate.

By the time of Count Varcolac and his brother Garoul Wulfen, the House of Wulfen was a degenerate establishment that was feared throughout the land. It was Varcolac who became the first (known) Werewolf of the bloodline, although in such a way that the usual antidote of Belladonna would not suffice to rid someone of the disease.

Consequently, when the Mad Prince Garoul infected an adventurer with it, the man was forced to kill him and journey into the very heart of the House of Wulfen's domain to slay his brother in order to lift the curse from him. With no living relatives or heirs from either brother, the House of Wulfen ended there.

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