"Howling Gods" is the name given to the apparently Evil pantheon of gods worshipped by the Khaz priesthood of Zagoula, and the surrounding lands of the Southern Tribes.[1]

Zagoula, once the envy of civilised Khul, was all but destroyed during the Great War against Evil. However, soon after the High Priest Xakhaz began to use the ruins for his own religious ends, drawing the disparate people of the surrounding lands towards a different religion, new to them but ancient in origin. He lured them into this religion and worship, promising them great wealth and respect. A world was shown to them which would lead to days free of hunger and thirst. Thus desperate need was twisted into greed, and soon the armies of the South were marching upon the peoples to the north of Lake Mlubz. Although they were halted and Xakhaz apparently destroyed, the religion had taken hold. It lives on in Zagoula, with such gods as Dolod being worshipped with incredible fervour. They are believed to be an Evil, chaotic pantheon by the Northern peoples of Neuberg.

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