Hugh Eldred-Grigg

Hugh Eldred-Grigg is the writer of one amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure and ran The Realms of Shabak website.

Amateur Fighting Fantasy AdventuresEdit


Shadows of Steel was to be the second in the Shabak trilogy of fan written Fighting Fantasy adventures after Midnight Deep. However, the material below is all that was ever made available of the adventure: "The Courts of the Principality of Shabak are as dangerous as its mountains or forests. To uncover a plot by secret conspirators to overthrow the rightful rulers of Bakulan and Shabak will require skill, cunning and the favour of the Gods. Will YOU overcome these shadows, or will YOU succumb to the night?"

Bakulan is an awe-inspiring city. You imagine that even those who have travelled the oceans and lands of Titan would be impressed by the grandeur of its towers, squares and avenues. For you, having grown up in the rustic Green March in the West of Shabak, it is almost overwhelming.

For all your rural origins, though, you are no country bumpkin. You have dedicated your life to learning the art of the blade, and you are now a swordsman of uncommon skill. Recent adventures in the Westlands have given you a desire to see something different, however, and it is this impulse which brings you to Shabak. But your impulse is well founded - there is always work for a skilled warrior in Shabak's capital, regardless of which side of the law he chooses to place himself on.

You have only been in the city for a day when a messenger contacts you. He bears summons - from none less than Vasile Tempes. Even beyond Bakulan you have heard the name of this man - he is the Court Sorcerer for Prince Nuno XXII, the ruler of Shabak. Rumoured to be the most powerful Mage in the Principality, Tempes does not summon lightly and you have no intention of ignoring him.

Evening finds you in the South-Western districts of Shabak, near the dockside. Tempes' tower is a majestic white structure, soaring above even the city walls, its tip seeming to pierce the darkening blue sky, the first few stars visible above its tiled roof. Passers by give the tower a wide berth, and glance at you curiously, wondering if you are somebody foolish, or somebody important - for no other type of person calls upon Tempes' tower. For a second, you wonder the same yourself, and then decide that the time has come for action. Summoning up your courage, you rap upon the heavy doors.

Plains of Peril was to be the third and final story in the Shabak trilogy. However, beyond the title, nothing else is known of the planned adventure.

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  1. Shadows of Steel introduction from the Internet Archive record of The Realms of Shabak

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