skill 9[1]
stamina 5[1]
Attacks 1
Weapon Used Teeth, Body
Habitat Dungeons, Swamps, Ruins, Wilderness
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average

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The Hydra is a reptilian monster with multiple heads.

A Hydra generally has between 2 and 7 heads [2], with 2-5 headed Hydras being the most common. However, a nine headed Hydra is rumoured to roam the lands of southern Khul.[3]

Some scholars speculate that the Hydra possesses just one interconnected brain.[4] While this might yet be true of some types of Hydra, generally each Hydra's head has a separate brain.[5] In any case, attacking the body rather than the heads has hitherto proved to be the most effective way to kill a Hydra.

Notable HydrasEdit

The Hydra of High XamenEdit

The Archmage of Mampang slew a great seven headed Hydra in the caves of High Xamen, which he subsequently transformed into the Seven Serpents.

The Hydra in The Citadel of ChaosEdit

There is a huge six-headed Hydra in The Citadel of Chaos.[6] It is partly notable for a slight discrepancy. Hydras are described in a sourcebook as being like "immensely fat-bodied, four legged lizards",[4] whereas the illustration of the Hydra in The Citadel of Chaos shows it to have a generic serpentine body without limbs. Its heads also grow back and it can be deterred from attacking by revealing a Golden Fleece. Of course there could be physical variations of the Hydra, but most likely, with The Citadel of Chaos being only the second Fighting Fantasy gamebook, the world of Titan was not as well developed, and the book simply drew upon traditional portrayals of the Hydra.

In any case this Hydra was a remarkably strong example of the monster. The player could duplicate it using the "Creature Copy" spell, but the Hydra was so large he would have to cast the spell three times. If he did successfully copy it, the Hydra's stats were skill 10 stamina 17.[7] Nevertheless the player was not given the option to fight it, only his "Creature Copy" could engage it in combat. If the player attempted to do so it would result in his death. There were only three ways past the Hydra: ensnaring 5 or 6 of its heads with a Pocket Myriad, revealing to it a Golden Fleece, or the player's "Creature Copy" defeating it.

Further NotesEdit

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