Iatro is the Elven name of the goddess of Healing and Succour.

This deity abhors the undead as abominations of nature and, of the gods, is their bitterest enemy. In eastern Khul, especially on the islands that lie to the east of the continent (including the Arrowhead Islands, Blood Islands, and Stayng Island) she is worshipped also by Humans and is referred to as "The White Goddess".[1]

She is thought to be one of the Children of Erillia. Other names include Ghanea and Zychays.

She is also referred to as the goddess of Love and Life. However, the reference to "Love and Life" does not supplant the deities Asrel and Galana. Rather it is a symbolic reference to the art of Healing. She is also known as "The White Lady" in Shabak.

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