Il Mastino di Fogwood

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Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: Fogwood, Dur Minas, homebrew world?
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Publication Details
Author(s): Andrea Mollica
Illustrator(s): N/A
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: 2010
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Next Adventure: N/A

Il Mastino di Fogwood was a fan written Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventure by Andrea Mollica. It was first published online by I Cancelli di Hellwinter at on 7h May 2013.


Una sorta di gigantesca belva quadrupede, subito ribattezzata il Mastino di Fogwood, aggredisce senza pietà contadini, cacciatori ed incauti viandanti, prediligendo le vittime che si avventurano da sole


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in Dungeoneer (see Advanced Fighting Fantasy System), with some house minor rules.

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Further NotesEdit

  • The name of the witch Alianna appears to be a trivute.

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