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Inns or Taverns are a frequent and often welcome sight in the world of Titan.

The terms, though often used interchangeably, do refer to different types of establishment.


An Inn not only serves food and drink to travellers, it is also a lodging house where travellers may stay overnight. Examples include The Black Lobster or The Wayfarer's Rest. In the table below, the "type" column indicates whether the establishment is an inn or a tavern. It also indicates whether the establishment is a "City" or "Country" Inn.

Country InnsEdit

City InnsEdit


A tavern is an establishment that sells beverages, often alcoholic, to be consumed on the premises, but does not provide accommodation for travelers. In the table below, the 'type' column indicates whether the establishment is an inn or a tavern. It also indicates whether the establishment is a "City" or "Country" Tavern.

Country TavernsEdit

City TavernsEdit

Inns and TavernsEdit

Inns and Taverns
Inns and Taverns
NameType Quality Located
Anfret's TavernPort Blacksand
The Barnacled Keel
The Battle of SkynnCity TavernRoyal Lendle
The Beckoning FingerGoodPort Blacksand
The Bent SpearCountry InnFenmarge
The Black Bear
The Black DragonCity InnZengis
The Black LobsterCity InnPoorPort Blacksand
The Bristling Boar
The Bristling Bristle-BeastCountry TavernFlorrin
The Burning BalrogCountry InnAverageNarbury
The Bushel
The Cat and CrucifixAveragePort Blacksand
The Cooper's ApprenticePort Blacksand
The DaggerFairPort Blacksand
Dead Man's ChestKorkut
Down Among the Dead MenCountry InnAverageStayng Island
Dragon's BreathInn/AlehouseAverageDark Chasms
The Dragon's ToothAveragePort Blacksand
The Dragon's WingsCity TavernFairSharrabbas
The Drunken FishermanAveragePort Blacksand
The Dwarf's HammerKhul
The Elfbane Bar
The Eye of the NeedlePort Blacksand
The Fatted PigCity InnAverageShazaar
The Ferret's ClawsKhul
The First StepCity TavernAverageRoyal Lendle
The Flying Foxbat
The Four-Way CrossPort Blacksand
The Gannet's NestKhul
The GargoylePort Blacksand
Gashanka's TavernPort Blacksand
Glandragor's TavernCountry TavernBirritanti
The Great WallCountry InnCantopani
The Hanged ManGallantaria
The Hanging PartyCountry InnSilverton Road
The Happy LandlordCity InnRorotuna
The Hart's BloodThe Old World
The Headless TrollFairPort Blacksand
The HemlockPort Blacksand
The Hog and FrogGoodPort Blacksand
The Hole in the WallFairPort Blacksand
Hullgrim's AlehouseCountry TavernAnvil
The JesterPort Blacksand
The Jumping FishPort Blacksand
Jury's AlehousePort Blacksand
Kanstrin's Guursh BarCity TavernGreatAshkyos
King Gregor's FingersCountry InnXimoran Road
The King's FingersPort Blacksand
The King's HighwayCity InnDjiretta
Koyala's BarCity TavernGoodAshkyos
The Laughing AxemanFairPort Blacksand
The LionCity InnAverageChalice
The Man Upside DownCity TavernXimoran
The MermaidAveragePort Blacksand
The MinotaurAveragePort Blacksand
The New InnFairPort Blacksand
The Old Toad
The One Safe Wall
The Orc's TorsoCountry InnStonebridge Road
Osric's ArmsPort Blacksand
The Paladin Arms
The Parrot-in-a-CageCity InnAverageKallamehr
The Pig and GobletCountry InnKlisdon
Pipe's Famous AlehouseGoodPort Blacksand
The Pirate's GhostAveragePort Blacksand
The Plague HouseCountry HostelryAwfulRahasta
The Purple PoignardCountry TavernAverageGebaan
The Rat and FerretPort Blacksand
The Rat in HandAveragePort Blacksand
The Red HerringCity Tavern
The Red LanternPort Blacksand
The Riddling ReaverPort Blacksand
The Rudderless GalleyCity TavernAverageRentarn
The Sage and ScholarCity TavernGoodSalamonis
The ScapegoatCountry TavernAwfulRahasta
The Silenced WatchmanPort Blacksand
The Silver CoinCity TavernGreatPort Blacksand
The Singing MinstrelCity InnGoodShazâar
The Slaughtered LambCity InnGoodPritzbad
The Snorting StallionCountry InnKazan
The Southern StarCity TavernGoodNeuburg
The Spotted DogPort Blacksand
Stavian's Gambling HallCity TavernAverageAshkyos
The Sun and Seven StarsPort Blacksand
The Sword of the SamuraiAverageSiltport
Tancred's Flying Horse
The Two MoonsCountry InnAverageAnvil
The Vulgar GoblinPort Blacksand
The Wayfarer's RestCity InnKharé
The Way InnCity InnChalannabrad
The Wild Goose
Valentis' BaneAwfulPort Blacksand
Varag's Splendid AlehouseAveragePort Blacksand

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