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The Inquisitor is one of Zagor's servants, and appears in Return to Firetop Mountain.

He appears to be a Human sorceror of great power, and presides over the Path of the Puzzles. The path is essentially a test of mathematical acumen,[1] and one of two paths into the inner reaches of Firetop Mountain. The other is the Path of the Pits, a test of strength.[2] The Inquisitor presents the player with two puzzles which must be solved to progress further in the book. If the player does not know the answer the Inquisitor destroys him.[3]

From what the Inquisitor mentions of his career he has been in the service of Zagor for a few decades, which would place him as one of Zagor's original servants before the warlock's resurrection.[4]

The illustration of him bears the likeness of Ian Livingstone, and there is also a Fighting Fantasy emblem on his belt.[5]

Puzzle SolutionsEdit

"The Value of the Dagger"Edit

The sword and dagger that you see are together worth 300 Copper Pieces. The sword is worth 200 Copper Pieces more than the dagger. How much is the dagger worth?[6]

The dagger need only make up the difference between the sword's value and 300, while always remaining 200 less than the sword. The value of the dagger must be 50, as this would place the sword at the higher value of 250, and 250 + 50 is 300. Any other number would put the value of both weapons below or above 300.

Therefore, the value of the dagger is 50, turning to this reference reveals the answer to be correct.[7]

"The Inquisitor's Age"Edit

You must tell me my age from the information I shall give you. I first went to the School of Evil Magic when I was four and a half years of age and I stayed there for a sixth of my life. Then I went to the School of Demonic Sorcery for a fifth of my life. I then studied under the great necromancer Hellmoon for a quarter of my life and, since then, for a third of my life I have been in the service of Zagor.[8]

The Inquisitor went to his first school when he was 4.5 years of age. The next phases of his life are given as fractions of his "current" age, not the age he was at the time he entered them. The fractions are: one sixth, one fifth, one quarter and one third.

Therefore, since the Inquisitor's career and studies began when he was 4.5 years old and last up to his current age, the player must find a number that, when each of the above proportions are subtracted from it, yields 4.5.

Trial and error can eventually provide the correct answer, but really the number to start with is 60, since it can be divided by six, five, four and three and moreover on a guesstimate the result might be something like 4.5.

So, after working out these four proportions of sixty, the numbers to subtract from it would be 10 (1/6 of 60), 12 (1/5 of 60), 15 (1/4 of 60) and 20 (1/3 of 60), giving 3 years.

However, we want 4.5, which is 50% more than 3. So we would be looking for a number 50% more than sixty. 50% of sixty is 30, so 60 + 30 is 90.

Therefore, the Inquisitor is 90 years old. Turning to this reference reveals this to be the correct answer.[9]

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