skill 7 - 9
stamina 8 - 10
Weapon Used Bladed weapons
Habitat Near treasures valued by the Demon Princes
Number Encountered 1 - 4
Type Monster, Demonic
Reaction Hostile

The Ishkarim are warped servants of the Demon Princes, tasked with guarding the latter's precious treasures.[1]

They have been encountered within a desecrated temple located in the ruined warrior city of Kharnek, apparently serving as the guardians of a gigantic ruby gemstone. Scuttling from the shadows, they possessed Human torsos atop four insect-like legs. Apparently once Human, but now enslaved by Chaos, the spark of humanity had long since departed from them and the Ishkarim's eyes were described as icy and dead.[1]

Their bodies were particularly tough, and afforded them excellent protection against injury. In game terms, any damage inflicted upon them was reduced by 1 stamina point as a result of their osseous bodies.[2]

Further InformationEdit

  • The evil, mutating forces used to create the Ishkarim are probably similar to those which created the Accursed, who are part insect and also serve a Demon Prince.

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