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The Isle of Despair is a small island in the middle of the Western Ocean, a few hours journey from its much larger western neighbour, the Isle of Scars.[1]

It was used as the location for the Iron Crypts of the arch-illusionist Mordraneth as he harnessed the power of the dead to strengthen his own magic and make him nigh unstoppable.

Giant Stormbirds were known to use the island as a nesting site, causing considerable grief to a bizarre Talking Lizard, whose eggs were unsafe from the huge birds. Aside from being a highly intelligent creature, the Lizard also possessed a number of magical items - including a Silver Talisman with power over some illusions and a potion that eliminated tiredness when running - and the ability to bring down a curse on others very effectively.

It is possible that this island together with its neighbour are the last surface remnants of the lost continent of Vangoria.[2]

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