The Isles of the Dawn are an archipelago situated in the Black Ocean.

Consisting of the five islands of Aven, Solace, Sunara, Takio and Tura, with Sunara being the largest, the Isles are located quite deep within the Black Ocean, and the nearest landmasses are actually other islands, most of them archipelagos too. Heading north-west from the Isles of the Dawn one would come across the Arrowhead Isles, while the Coral Isles are to the north-east. Directly west is Yotakami Island, while to the east are the Shark Islands.[1]

Of the three great continents, the nearest one to the Isles of the Dawn is Khul.

There are some similarities between the inhabitants of the Isles of the Dawn and the inhabitants of Hachiman, and there may well be cultural and historical connections between the two regions. The Isles are, nevertheless, a strange place - customs and creatures have been encountered upon the Isles that have been found nowhere else on Titan.[2]


The Remaining IslandsEdit

The remaining Isles are the following:




The capital of the central province is Traole. The central province also includes the town of Yenshu.



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