Countess Isolde of Maun
Countess Isolde was a noblewoman of Lupravia whose seat of power was Maun Tower, overlooking the village of Maun.

She was a member of the revived Cadre Infernal and, given her skill for necromancy and other dark sorcery, will have assisted Serena the Sorceress of Saarven in the Ritual of Summoning that led to the Cadre's corruption and near-dissolution.

She was killed by an adventurer seeking a cure for their Lycanthropy, passed onto them by the brother of Count Varcolac, another member of the Cadre who had been possessed by the Wolf Demon they had summoned. In a deliberate snub to Varcolac's newfound power, which had taken the form of Lycanthropy, she acquired a Werebat for a personal servant of hers.

Although it is unknown whether she was still mortal at the time of the ritual, by the time of her death she had become a Vampire - if this was not as a result of the corruption that overtook the other members of the Cadre, the question of who her sire was remains unanswered. Her silver dagger, originally used in the Ritual of Summoning, was later used against the Wolf Demon by the adventurer.

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